Show External Login UI crash the game

When i try to connect to Google play services using a Show External Login UI, it always fails and leads to the crash of the game.
All the necessary lines in the project configuration are filled in, plugins are enabled and Google Play Console is configured.Has anyone had a similar situation or have any ideas why this is happening?

Do you have any log files for the crash?

The solution was to update the donat plugin,but now when trying to implement in-game purchases, they simply do not show up and the logcat gives this

Can you link to the plug-in you are using. Sounds like they don’t support in app purchasing in the online subsystem or it’s not configured fully.

Take a look at this link and see if it help

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Thank you so much! It was need to add the line bUseStoreV2=false

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Glad it’s all sorted now :slight_smile: