Show backfaces in the editor

Apologies if this should be obvious but I can’t find any menu options. Basically I’m using single-sided planes as modular walls (instead of full box meshes to reduce unnecessary polys and lightmap space), but it’s extremely hard to see back-facing walls due to the lack of backface drawing. I’ve got quite a few pieces so I don’t want to go into every one of them and check ‘double sided’ on and off for each–plus I want to be aware of what’s actually back and what’s actually front since they’ll be single-sided in production. Is there a menu option to have backfaces show up as pure black or something like in many modelling applications?

Sadly, I don’t know if Unreal has this option.
However, you could make Material Instances for all your double sided geometry with a master material that is two sided, so in the end of your production you would simple change this 1 variable and all your instances would get that change.
You can also give your backfaces any color you want if you use the “TwoSidedTexturing” Material Node. You would just plug it at the end of your base color, so you can easily remove it later.
With these 2 simple changes it’s fairly easy to manage. Hope it helps <3