Show array elements variables in details panel


I have a parent blueprint that spawn children components in its constructor script. I store the instances of this child in an array of the type of the child. The child blueprint has two variables. A mesh and a material.

When the constructor runs, the children are spawning, i can see them in the 3D view.

In the detail panel, I can see my array and the children it contains BUT, I can’t see/edit these children variables (mesh and material for each).

I’m trying to spawn actors (children) along a spline (parent), and be able to edit eacch children variables from the detail panel. Selecting any children spawned instance doesn’t give me access to their variables either.

How can I achieve that ?

that functionality doesnt exist. the children are separate actors so the one that spawns them doesnt contain their individual variable information.

Ok, but how can I edit them ? They show up in the top right treeview of the editor but even double clicking one of them doesn’t open that instance details panel.

if your spawning them then they are a separate actor and you just need to select that actor in the view port, if the variables are set to editable then they should show up. you may need to select the individual actor if you have attached them or grouped them in some way.

You can do this in C++ using EditInline specifier in UPROPERTY i don’t think you can do this in Blueprint

Thank you guys.

I chose another option:

My spline BP constructor calculate only transforms along it, and i have another BP that handles the creation of my other actors. I used struct of mesh and material, then saved all structs in an array. Now I can edit each “child” separatly.