show an image

Hi all,
i dont know too much unreal engine so i ask to you how i can display an image to all the screen…plase help me

HI Mate

You can use a widget to do this.

Google a few things about widget, and the basics are easy

Make a widget, in the widget add an “IMAGE”, click on the image and choose the one you want.

When ready in you blueprints, “Create Widget” and add to viewport.

When no longer need - “Remove from Parent”


I ve tried but i can’t do this…please can you send me a screen? Understand me…i’m new to the unreal engine and i follow some tutorials but this things for me are verdy hard so…thanks for your patience

Hi Siengried,

In Content Browser, select Widget Blueprint from User Interface and give it a name. Here i called MyImageWidget.


Double click it to open the Widget Editor and from palette window drag and drop an Image component and set an Image in details panel.


Then when you are ready to apply this, open your Blueprint (for example Character Blueprint) and create a new node called Create Widget (right click on the graph and search). In the class section, select your Widget Class. As you can see, here it shows MyImageWidget since thats the name i used.


Then finally, drag from the Return Value of the widget node and search for Add To Viewport.


Just like adding, if you want to remove it then use Remove From Parent.

Hope this helps. :slight_smile:

thanks i love you <3

Yes, that would be a “Delay” - Node.

thanks i ve arleady done it xD i’m a dump ahahah

Hi eXi,

I want an image to be displayed on the screen with widget. I mean When I click on a button 1 image has to be displayed on the screen…