Show 3D Widget does not show widget inside a blueprint viewport

This is potentially a duplicate however the bug report is maybe slightly different than my issue and is for version 4.9

The 3D widget for a vector variable of a Scene Component, Actor Component, or Actor within the viewport of a an actor.

  1. Create a new UE 4.21 project

  2. Create an actor

  3. Add a vector variable type and enable Instance Editable, Expose on Spawn, and Show 3D Widget (compile/save)

  4. Add the actor to a world

  5. Observe the manipulation diamond

  6. Create a Scene Component, Actor Component, and Actor in the same manner

  7. Add them to the first Actor

  8. Obverse there is no diamond for any of the three types in either the actor viewport or the world editor

I don’t know if this is a bug or simply a lack of feature but either way it would be nice to have.

Specifically, I am would like to create a component that specifies “entry” and “exit” locations for a “room” tile that the designers can use when creating new rooms. For now my workaround is to require a new scene component for each entry/exit and query their location in the construction script, with the logic in a base class rather than the component.

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UE 4.23 3d widget works OK
But make sure you are in Place mode

issue is the widget doesnt show up inside the blueprint itself. it works fine in the level editor.