Should post process blend able effects work with scenecapture2D?

I’ve added a SceneCapture2D object to a spectator pawn, and I’m displaying the render target texture to the HUD.

As a test, I created a post process material that does nothing but output a constant red. If I add this to the “blend able” section of the SceneCapture2D properties, it has no effect. I would expect to see the rendered texture display red.

Should post process blendables work with SceneCapture2D?

My real use for this function would be to capture the depth map into a texture. If blendables don’t work with scenecapture2d, is there an alternate way to capture the depth map into a texture?

I don’t think that’s exactly what you want but it talk about SceneCapture, depth and post process blendables, so it will maybe help you (read the post with the YouTube video on it)

Thanks for the response. If I apply my custom material to the camera’s post process volume as described in the link, it correctly affects the displayed render.

However, I am trying to access the depth map in my C++ code, not display it to the screen.

Maybe there’s a different way to do this? What I’m specifically trying to do is find the closest occluded point on an object behind a selected object. I was planning on doing this by comparing the depth map of the scene (minus the selected object) with the depth map of the back-faces of my selected object.