Should i worry about 1uu == 1cm? For big outworlds?

What if i make large outworld, should i use characters with:

  1. Normal scale (2 meter == 200uu)

  2. Small scale (2 meter == 20uu)

  3. Big scale (2 meter == 2000uu)


Should i use (2)? Because for example if i will use (2) then:

  • Landscape -655.36m to +655.34m will become -6550.36m to +6550.34m (relative to character much more realistic).

  • Absolute location of character will be less sensitive to large distances, because of limits of Float numbers.

If its only physics, its ok for me.

If you scale things up to a power of ten, you’re probably going to start encountering issues with the physics engine. There is work being done to allow people to bypass the issues you’d get with large worlds and coordinate / math accuracy by using a form of coordinate system rebasing, though I believe the current implementation is pretty crude and not really ready for consumption.

I found that Landscape max height is also controlled by Actor->Scale->Z. So i can make any height by scaling.

Also i suppose i can use Local Coords of Landscape for characters, and 1 landscape per 1 level.

So option (1) should be ok too i hope.