Should I use UE4?

Here’s the deal. I’m only 13, and I have been looking into game programming and engines for the past few months. I found Unity 5, and I am a few days into learning JavaScript for it. Now I have found UE4, and it seems much better for 3D games that I want to make. I am stuck on which engine to use and which programming language would be better for a complete beginner like me. If you could just tell me some reasons why I should use UE4 it would be great because I am a complete beginner.

Welcome! :slight_smile:

Why to use the UE4:

-you dont need any programming skills → blueprints
-awesome community
-many tutorials + great documentation
-fast support
-in my opinion pretty easy to use
-many free samples → learn tab of the launcher
-regular updates

+fighter5347 Awesome! Just a few more questions.

  1. Can you use JavaScript in UE4? Or will I need to learn C++.
  2. Are there ways to share projects with others, because my friend and I are making a game, and there isn’t a way to make one together in Unity 5.
  1. I think you will have to learn C++ :slight_smile:
  2. you can use source control -> Collaboration in Unreal Engine | Unreal Engine Documentation

What not to use UE4 for:

Everything that falls under the ‘How it moves’ games, because the physics that you can realize without digging into the PhysX SDK are relatively limited.
(no softbody, no default multi-threading for physics, only 2-bone IK,…)

UE4 is one for the ‘pretties’, not for the ‘how it moves’. (not a bad thing)
Havok, also CryEngine, are better suited for physics based gameplay. The reason is that NVidia PhysX, which is used in UE4, is not the most stable and accurate physics engine, because it is optimized for occasional, not so accurate, ingame physics. So you will get more ‘jitter’ etc… than with other engines.

I am 15 (4 years ago i started playing around with game engines and modeling tools) and i find Unreal engine 4 pretty easy to use and ue4 looks awesome.All that I need to program I use blueprints (i know a little bit of C# programing) ,you can find a lot of great tutorials on unreal youtube channel .

my advice is “Use unreal”