Should I use BSP geometry or Static Meshes?

If I am building a game with simple environments that can mostly be made from cubes is it better to use the cube bsp or a cube mesh? Or does it not matter at all?


BSPs are a great tool for blocking out a level, but it is not recommended that they be used in a final product. You will also find static meshes easier to manipulate with blueprints. I hope that this clarifies.


Thank you :slight_smile: The environment is just this


I built it out of bsps so I could have different textures on different sides of the cube later when i get them done. Is there a way to do that with meshes or can I only have one texture on a mesh

You can give a mesh multiple “elements” when you create it in a 3D modeling program. Then you can specify what material goes to what element. Here’s a little guide:

Thank you!