Should I use a Power of Two for my grid size in 3Ds Max?

When using 3ds max I generally like to make things somewhat to scale, therefore I have my grid settings set to i.e 1 grid = 10cm.

Then I see people using power of two, but I feel like this is a strange way of working when I want to be exact with my measurements.
What’s the pros and cons of using both of these methods?

Since the context of your question seems to be about developing models for UE4 in 3DSMax, then I think you can safely ignore using powers of 2. In previous iterations of the engine, or when working specifically with BSP, remaining on the unreal unit grid by avoiding fractional values and using powers of 2 was an effective way to prevent map errors. For models there is no hard and fast rule to utilize powers of 2 beyond that maintaining a consistent grid scaling might help make your models more modular.

Hi bjoernar,

When it comes to setting your grid size in 3Ds Max, a Power of Two or the metric system are both supported. It’s more of a personal choice than having any real pros or cons in UE4.

If you would like to know how to change the grid type in UE4 just follow these steps in this previous post.

Hope that helps.

Thanks, TJ

Personally when using any 3d program I always set up the grid to power of two and rotations to increments of 5.625 and cylinder sides in power of twos too. Just makes things easier to attach and copy things but there is no right or wrong way its however you feel most comfortable.