Should I still use world composition?

Ok now level sizes can grow up to 20 km .One 20km cube level will for sure contain my whole game.

The problem is that how heavy will it be. Right now I am using world composition and everything runs great (but i haven’t filled the levels with “junk”).

Q1 What is faster 5 levels with world composition or one giant 20 km lvl filled with equal amount of junk, a lot of it movable rigid bodies?
(I haven’t seen world composition unload a level so far…)

Q2 Will World Origin Shifting affect my “quick travel” which uses [set location] (AKA player winds up inside a wall) Can there be a big offset ?

You should. If for nothing else, then for the fact that is easier to to setup streaming with world composition.

you don’t have to use Origin shifting if you don’t want.

Yeah, you should still use world composition. It is more efficient especially if you are going to have landscapes.
About streaming of world composition; some versions ago it was only visible in packaged project, i dont know if it works in PIE know.

If you can split your world up into separate levels it’s definitely a good idea to do so from a performance standpoint.

However, I’d like to know why iniside and Jacky would recommend world composition? It would seem to me that regular level streaming seems like the more logical choice. It seems to me that using world composition would only add unnecessary complexity if the game stays in the base 20km coordinate system anyway.

Good feedback !
Streaming levels adds loading times which can be removed since my world is small enough to fit. My game will work fantastically with the “good old open door load next part of the map”, but I am not sure if that is needed it will make it run much faster on old machines , or maybe it won’t since cards like my old gtx 570 had problems keeping up even with quite empty environments. Where my 970 now crushes it even when I have all the levels loaded.

As i said, it is more efficient if you have a landscape. Since a single 8k landscape wont be enough to fill 20km you’ll need to use tiling, smaller chunks. And even if you could fill it with a single 8k the performance cost is huge. Also 20km isnt as safe as you would imagine for physics stuff…you start to get weird stuff happening as you get closer to the edge of the world.

I am going more for density then size so i am not that worried about physics. I think I will build a single test level to see how it performs and then I will try to split it and see the difference.

woow OK I made a level with 8640 assets which is probably more than twice the size of my world and ram usage is 2.7gb which is stellar, and when object culling works frame rate on a 970 is also stellar. As far as dimensions go it fits in a 4x4x4km cube so no worries for the physics at all.

Behind the scenes it works exactly like regular level streaming. World Composition tools, just make it easier to manage.