Should I start learning UE5 or UE4?

Hello! I’m still new in this stuff.

I’m asking this because I’m afraid that UE4 will not be optimized anymore and will not get any update anymore. I’m afraid that because of that it will have some problems when making things for the newest version of IOS, Android, Windows, etc in the future.

But at the same time, I’m also afraid that UE5 is not optimized enough to be used and still lacking some features to be used since its still new.

because of that I want to know should I start learning UE4 or UE5?

Learn UE4. 99.5% of all stuff will be identical or close enough for your knowledge to be fully transferable (and some will apply to other engines / tools!)

  • avoid learning about PhysX / Apex - it’s going away and will be replaced with Chaos
  • avoid learning anything Cascade related, - it has been replaced with Niagara

Lumen, Nanite, Chaos (and character animations improvements, new sound systems, larger worlds, metahumans) are new big features - they are not really production ready yet and won’t be for some time to come. It does not mean they’re not worth exploring, of course.

There’s currently few UE5 focused learning materials available anyway.

It’s going to be a year (years, most likely) before UE5 reaches the stability of the latest UE4 release. And there’s going to be at least 2-3 UE4 versions before the update cycles phases out. That alone may take a year…

And the UE4 engine will be used for making games for years to come.

Have a look here:

And here:

UE4 and UE5 are compatible - you can migrate an older project into the new engine.

I see… Thanks you for telling me