Should I start from unreal 4 or 5

I have a great experience back to 2 year ago and I quit working on unreal and started to work on everything about 3d modeling. Yesterday I returned back to unreal and I figured out I forgot most of things but I’m sure I will be as good as before soon but I have a question in my mind. Should I use unreal engine 5 instead of 4? In the site it writes it is yet early access and not recommended for developing games yet. If I switch to 5 can I follow unreal engine 4 tutorials without any concern?

Yeah it’s pretty much the same thing just new UI and a few features like lumen and nanite.
I just prefer the old UI, In it the buttons stand out much better and it saves the trouble of finding some buttons they changed or moved in UE5. I just hate what they did to UI in UE5 feels like a cheap copy of cryengine.

So yeah you can use UE5 without any problems and follow the tutorials from UE4 without any major trouble.

I prefer to use the old 4 version. But if you master this version well, then there will be no problem to upgrade to version 5.

Use godot and wait for VERSE and stable UE5. (well that is what i am doing).

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I know just what you mean, I got into UE4 years ago and learned some things and quit for awhile and essentially also forgot what I learned. I personally will probably not try to get serious with 5 until I have a fairly solid understanding of 4.

If you’re just trying to get up to speed, use 4 because that’s what most of the tutes are still in.

And most of that will carry straight over into 5 anyway.

its ok to start with 4 if you want, it will be easy to move your stuff to 5.

5 is essentially an upgraded version of 4 and most features still apply.
its not as drastic of a change like 4 was from 3 so you can port from 4 to 5 just fine. wish there was an option to change the Ui since they changed it between engines, cmon’ EG give us some ui customization!
also use blender , its a great freeware 3d tool that complements any 3d game engine.

after 6 months, I want to say I started with ue5 early access. Yesterday it was fully released and I am sure everybody will use ue5