Should I pay for assets or make them myself as an indie?

I’m wondering if I should learn blender and then learn substance painter or any other program to make assets for my game, or just buy them?

Hi Fantdonald,

That’s a decision you’re going to have to make. Making assets yourself could generate a more cohesive + inventive art style. But maybe the game you want to make is more about the gameplay/mechanics.

Consider the option of re-texuring bought assets too. (Also incase you are unaware, many assets are available for free)

Let us know if you have any more questions, goodluck!


Depends of the size of the project. But is you are just one, a big project (lots of high quality assets, lot of programming), you’re going to need partners, all that takes lot of time to learn, so if the project is small and you are fast learner, go ahead. But keep in mind, it will take you lot of time (month or even years)

you shouldn’t spend money until you’ve made at least one game so that you understand where to focus.

there is enough free stuff available to make a billion unique games already. You can learn just enough about modeling/texturing to edit the free stuff to fit a coherent art direction if it interests you. Much faster than making anything from scratch.

In general, whether you work alone or not, try to leverage as much power from the collective as you can, whenever you can. There is too much work to do, even if you are making a tiny game.


Depends what you’re doing, i find buying some assets useful as converting from other editors can be a drama with plugins not working, i suppose you could create all assets yourself but that would be time consuming for every model one would use.

Personally i like quality assets so i’m not about to spend most of my life creating them when i’d like to put them to use in some kind of program, i’ll have to make custom assets at some point for game features but off the shelf stuff helps in many ways.

Things like buying characters with animation packs to save time on crafting blendshapes or clothing animations for that particular model.
Environments have useful props for any scene so i usually go for high quality textures so i don’t have to repaint everything or adjust rgb scales to colour something right.

I also like to buy assets because i like the art & enjoy modeling even if it’s not creating games… It’s not all about games the asset could be used for advertising, films ,t.v shows, cartoons comics and all other forms of digital media, could even use them for music videos.

If you are a lone developer buying some assets helps speed development along & gives you’re project some AAA quality assets.
Don’t worry about substance painter waste of cash, Unreal you can paint anything.
Blender is a good free program that allows you to create custom models that you can paint in Unreal.
You don’t need paintshop or substance painter with Unreal so i recommend not wasting money on those programs.

Doesn’t matter if you purchase assets or create them you’reself you’ll have a wonderful time trying to get anything to work the way you want in Unreal because everything is so confusing it will take you years to master this overly complex program just to make characters run & shoot things.