Should I move over to UE 4?

Okay our project has roughly 1 month of solid coding put in and 40 hours on one map. The rest has been concept work, writing, planning, recruiting, and assets.

My main focus for recruitment took a hit when UE4 went public. UDK forums for that section is now a wasteland as everyone came over here. What I am wondering is if we should make the changes too? It has now become a struggle to get those last few people we need on board due to UDK’s now recent inactivity in that section. I have recruited elsewhere best I can but feel everyone’s hoping on here now. I myself have seen the videos and everything looks brilliant. I just want to hear from some people using the engine now to shed some light on my situation and help me and my team lean one way or another. $20/month is very reasonable and is not the issue. We also know c++ would be better to use than uscript as it is more televised to many developers. But beyond that what are your thoughts.

BTW: This is our current project just so you can get a feel of what were doing. Also if we switched are there any people here that would join us if we did make the move? Thanks!

Of course you should! Meathead said so!. If you did not you would miss out on all the great features of UE4 and the speed of building things and blueprints should make things easier so you dont have to rewrite all your code.

Well that makes sense :slight_smile:

I would also recommend you to jump over to the UE4, because you can nearly reuse everything (meshes, textures even materials and particle systems -> you can easily recreate them) and it wont take so much time to rebuild the map (e.g when it is a landscape, then you can just export it as a heightmap which you can import into the UE4).

When you just have coded some basic stuff, then it is worth to switch to the UE4, otherwise you will have to think carefully about it :wink:

This may help you a little bit while transferring stuff over UE4. Don’t hesitate to edit that Wiki page and add more information if you find any along the way!

Honestly other than the programming you could recreate everything you built with UDK in UE4 in at least a 3rd of the time and your game would be more future proof

Thanks for all the help guys/gals!

I also agree, that with only a month into the project it would be worth the inconvenience to switch.

Thanks Mike! :slight_smile: