Should I make blueprint content compatible with older versions?

Hey. I have made blueprint for marketplace using UE4 10.1 and thinking about to make it compatible with older versions before sending it. Do you think I should go through manually creating whole blueprint again using older version of UE (just tried copy pasting nodes and it crashed :P) or is it not worth it -in case no one (very few people) uses older versions- ?

Not sure if there is a way to tell how many people would start a new project on an older version… Meaning, if it was me… I would make certain that it works with 4.10 and 4.11 and nothing more. Haven’t most folks updated for new projects? BUT, I guess if someone wanted to use your product with their project then maybe you should. Wow, I was not helpful at all!

Thanks for taking your time to answer. This question can’t be answered directly anyway. At least one user is using 4.10 for sure so I I’ll just go for 4.10-11 :smiley:

Reviving this topic… I want to submit an audio pack with arranged sound cues to the latest version as well as older versions, what would be the best solution? (apart from downloading the previous versions of the engine and start opening and saving the new projects)

Hi ,

We only require the last two engine versions to be compatible (or the latest engine version for brand new content). However if you choose to support previous engine versions, the best way to do this is create a copy of the project in the earliest engine version you want to support. Check to ensure that it is supported in the engine versions after this and we can use that project.