Should I learn how to use UE4 over other engines?

I need some help determining what I should learn:

I already know C++, Java, C#, Maya, 3Ds MAX, Mudbox and bunch of Math
and I want to ask If I want to add to my game in app purchases, Ads, Facebook etc. (and maybe Amazon AWS and sensor programming)
than I will have to learn the Android C++ NDK and I will have to learn Objective C as I want to make my games for IOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 ?

I am still don’t know which engine I will choose, Havok Vision Engine (Project Anarchy) or Epic’s Unreal Engine 4,
as the two engines were released just now (on April 2014) there still no books out there on Amazon that explain the two engines.
maybe in the meantime I will learn something that I will have to use in the future that currently has books now (i.e. The NDK and Objective C) and by that time books that explain the engines will start get out and also I will not have to pay the 20$ Month now.

Thanks for any help.
(Sorry for my English if there are any errors)

No, UE4 is made to be portable, in fact it has a UE4 API reroutes lot of system APIs so you got one common APIs to use in multiple platforms (for example insted of using C++ standard Array UE4 has TArray class that works the same but using that you are sure it will build on any platform that UE4 supports) so all you need is know C++ and UE4 APIs or else you what to go beyond that

UE4 has build in Ads support (thats new feature, check tappy chicken example, you can even down load it in google play for free to check it out) and Facebook as well as other different online services like SteamWorks, i think 4.2 added Google Play Games support. As for InApp purchases i’m not sure, but if not considering it a popular feature of F2P games i bet i’s just mater of time it will be added to UE4.

Also you don’t really need to pay 20$ a Month, you can pay 20$ once download engine, it’s source all demos you need and then cancel the subscription, and you still can use engine ;] 19$ subscription is only for update and marketplace access, but you still have access to documentation require for you to learn.

As for learning here ton of documentation, you can start first with blueprint coding to lean what class what do which later you can apply in C++, also here API refrence.

Hi JohnSaita,

If you are on the fence about whether you should learn the Unreal Engine 4 or not that would solely depend on you to decide. You mentioned there are no books out for UE4 which is true as the engine was only publicly released Mid-March. We do, however, have extensive documentation at your disposal (, Tutorial series on our YouTube channel, a community wiki that is continually updated by Epic and its community, the forums where the user community is very active, and of course the AnswerHub here where you are free to ask questions for community and Epic assistance.

If you take a look at some of the information above via the links you should be able to look and see if we are a right fit for you.

We provide continual updates for the engine, documentation, and tutorials to assist users with their games. If you feel like the engine does not support a feature you can also check out our Trello UE4 Roadmap that details our tentative list of features being added to the engine along with tutorials and documentation.

Subscription model for the engine - This link will detail how our model works and how it does not require a monthly subscription to use the engine necessarily. During the month you sign up the version of the engine you get that month is available for you to use even if you cancel your subscription. You will not be able to receive updates or any of the content from the Marketplace but you can continue to develop your game on that version of the engine.

If you have any other questions feel free to post and I’ll help you out!

Thank you!