Should I learn c++ to construct fundamental game system?

I’m planing to develop game on phone.But I’m beginner at coding and blueprinting. In this case, should I learn both of blueprinting and c++?As possible as I can, I don’t want to take much time, cause I can’t make enough time.

Blueprint is fine for a released game ( I did it ).

The only time you need to resort to C++ is if you want to do something that isn’t supported in blueprint, or blueprint just isn’t fast enough for the kind of game you want. An example would be large minecraft like landscapes…

thank you for your reply. As you told me,I’m going to study blueprint first.Then hit the wall, do c++

No, there no need. You already learning C++ by using Blueprint as APIs are technically the same, when you want to use C++ you be suppriced how much you already know.

Blueprint is slower 10x (without nativisation on which sometimes is buggy) also don’t have 100% access to full API, doe example config system is very limited in blueprints, there no networking and file system functions support for security reason, if you ever need those you will either need to use C++ or search for plug ins exposing those functions