Should I Learn C++ Or Bluprint For Game Development

Hi Am Tanveer Singh,Am 15 Years Old.Should I learn C++ Or Bluprint For Game Development In Unreal Engine.

both would be better.

Game dev is the mother of all API’s, so use BP to learn UE4.
Then later on take up C++ for better game customization etc.

Start with BP until you understand the Engine, extend to c++ afterwards.

Another vote for starting with Blueprints and learning C++ later.

Can I minimize the learning resources of c++ ?
cause its too heavy load , starting from blueprint and then c++ is best idea

but what can c++ do ? can someone give an example …

all games mostly have models and textures inside , probably 95 percent of what you see is modeling and texturing

how can c++ help when you have to model the dragon or animate him , or model the axe , table , teapot

i would like you to be more specific ,

how c++ does optimization of a whole stuff ?

examples would be great

Highly visual 3D games have loads of assets, but that says nothing about game code complexity etc.
If a game has lots of highly specific / new game mechanics for instance, then Blueprints won’t cut it.
So C++ exists for customizing standard or generic game element behaviors and adding new features.
Want to modify landscapes at runtime, or need infinite sized multiplayer worlds? Then C++ is a must.
There are optimization advantages to C++ too, but that may be moot now we’ve got BP nativization.