Should I learn Blueprint or C++

Hello everyone,
I’m new in gamemaking and after some researches I’ve decided to choose UE4 as my game engine. But now I’m facing a little problem, should I learn blueprint or C++ ? I’m in 10th grade and have quite some time. I have some basics in python (but never seen C) so I’m not completely new to code.
So, according to you, which one should I choose ?

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I use BP and it’s so perfect then i never learned C++. Try BP and if you dont’ like it try C++. It depens much from you.

you should mix both : c++ for expensive algorithms is way better, and in many cases blueprint are the simplest and most straightforward way of developping. My project is 15% c++ and 85% blueprint so far

I suggest you learn C++ if you have the will and the time as it will be more useful in the future even if you decide to change engines for whatever reason. Its a bit more abstract and a little less acessible but coding in a “real” programming language is a skill you can rely upon even outside of making your game.

If you want to get in as quickly as possible and just get to making games with unreal, then BP should be fine for the most part. Its easy to pick up and is quite a bit more powerful than most people think. You can definitely make complete games using 100% blueprints.

Go for C++, thjere is great tutorial on udemy.
“The unreal engione developer course. Learn C++”
With it you can learn C++ and some unreal apis.

If you dont follow such course i suggest starting with blueprints. C++ and unreal api is a bit steep to learn at once without any tutor.