Should I keep the engine up to date?

I’m currently working on a project in 4.7.6 and this project will no doubt take me months (I’m new to unreal and therefore slow)

And I’m wondering if I should adopt changes ASAP, or if I should stick to my engine version?
I just keep seeing threads pop up about 4.8 changes and workarounds etc, and I was wondering if I should jump on the updates and tackle the changes or just stick to one version?

I keep my game up to date with the releases (not the preview releases) … there will come a stage where I will call a version freeze on the game engine and will then stick with the latest game engine version at that stage.

My advice … and please note it is merely advice … would be that if you are planning on releasing the project and you are still early on in development … keep your project up to date with the latest release (v4.7.6 at time of writing).

If you are not planning on releasing the project and are merely learning, then upgrading to preview releases might be more beneficial to you.

This is the approach I am taking.

I would advise to only upgrade if there’s something you need. You’ll save yourself countless hours of work for very little if any gain.

Plus, just because stuff works in previous versions doesn’t mean it’ll work in newer versions. There are a lot of breaking changes to AGameMode in 4.8 for example.

There is a problem with this: If the next version doesnt have stuff you need, you dont update. But what if the version after that or even a few versions ahead has things you need(features or bug fixes)? The upgrade pain will be a lot harder.

As long as your project is not in alpha stage, keep updating. If you are finalizing(from alpha or a bit sooner) freeze it -> keep the version you are working with.

Alright, I suppose there’s a mix here, as I am doing the project as a learning exercise I do want to release it eventually as a demo/portfolio piece.
I Have had to deal with re-writing a lot of stuff due to updates before which is a pain.
But I’m at an early stage, and I’m mainly exploring approaches and trying out things, so I might be better taking up the Full release changes and fixing the bugs.

I’ll probably take a stab at moving to 4.8 when It’s here, and if that fails I’ll roll back and stick with 4.7.6

As a personal rule, I always update to releases. Until now, in my experience release versions have been very straightforward to update to - maybe 30 minutes of work on a 20.000 LOC project.

Preview versions are wholly different beasts.

That has been my experience too … I normally set aside a couple of hours … but I have seldom had it run longer than 30 minutes or so.

I’d also say, especially if you’re learning, to upgrade as you go. There are a lot of features that are being worked, reworked ,added , or removed as time goes on. So if you plan to use this as a learning process, then make a more full on game down the road, you’re going to be pretty out of the loop from all the different versions. It’ll be easier to get the hang of the most recent features as you go, rather than say, getting really use to a certain way of doing a particular case to find out it’s no longer the most appropriate way to do it, and having to unlearn all of that after months.

It does sound like it would be best for me to adopt the releases as they come, I’m assuming there’s release notes when it comes?
No doubt it’ll be accompanied by a ton of forum posts asking for workaround help :smiley:

Notes? Hah… Release books, I would say :smiley:

Haha, That’s a fun post.
Lots of stuff, I suppose I’ll just have to compile and look up the errors as they hit me :slight_smile: