Should I just learn some programming before using BP?

The question says it all.

I personally would do it the other way ^^ -> start with bp’s and then learn programming, because in my opinion bp’s are pretty easy to use and you can use the knowledge in your c++ stuff :slight_smile:

The important thing is really to learn how to think like a programmer. Once you reach that point, it typically doesn’t matter how that thinking is converted into a working implementation - BP and C++ are largely interchangable (a few exceptions apply, but there’s no need to worry about that now).

As a side note, I used to do all my stuff in C++ for years (decades even) before getting into UE4, and I’m really comfortable with code - BUT my current unreal project is 100% percent BP through and through. The programmer-think translates back and forth almost seamlessly.

So, yeah, noodling around with BP is a perfect starting point. Just think like a programmer!

I see. Makes sense since BP is just visual programming so i am already learning programming but visually. Thanks guys.

Exactly! How awesome is that? Looking forward to see what you come up with.

Blueprints are basically an Object Oriented scripting language, such as C#. Knowing the concepts of Object Oriented programming will make you life easier. I used to create application using C# WPF for windows. I can assure you it is very similar to C#, only difference is you are using nodes to chain together expressions, rather that typing it all out by hand.

They are very powerful, you can do almost anything gameplay related with them, so you don’t even need to create any code to create a fully working game from blueprints! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys.

Make for light reading, important is to understand the general idea, Class heritage, less focus on the syntax (& Syntax in C++ in particular can be quite confusing at times).

@starseeker Isn’t an awful site to learn C++ from?

Is it. Haha. My bad. I guess its not the best. Its good enough for revision and quick reference though.

Yeah it’s good for reference but from a good place to learn the language. The best place would be YouTube (I’ve heard good things about this series )or grab a book on it.

The main thing you want to practice is decomposing big problems/tasks into smaller chunks. That is the prerequisite of even starting to implement something.