Should I Install UE4 in SSD?

Hi community,

I’m new to Unreal Engine 4 and developing my own action game.

Recently, I found my C++ compile speed is quite low. And I researched online that told me to install UE4 in a SSD(Solid State Drive), which would make the C++ compile speed increase.

I checked my laptop and found my C:// drive is a SSD but D:// drive is a HDD. Currently, I installed UE4 in D drive and game projects in D drive as well because C drive is for system and has less space . Instead, D drive is for Data and has more space.

So I wonder if it makes sense to install UE4 in the C drive in order to increase the compile speed.

And definitely, C drive would not have enough space for UE4 and my game projects at the same time. If I put UE4 in C drive and game projects in D drive, would I still get compile speed increased?

Thanks for the community!

That was how I did it at first (Engine on SSD, Project on HDD).
When I moved the project on SSD, compile went from 10min to 10sec.

If you have space then yes you should use the SSD for the engine and your project. If you can afford to get another SSD then I’d recommend swapping out your HDD for one.

Yes of course you should!
Install everything on SSD including Visual Studio installations.

The C++ build (or rather, some part of the VS C++ tool-chain) writes a lot of files to AppData at build time

You should have install it on SSD along with your all major programs as SSD is much faster than HDD, use HDD as your secondary storage for Data store.

SSD makes a big difference. I only use mechanical drives for backup these days.