Should i get 4K monitor?(24inch) :|

Hey there,

Should i get dual Dell UP2414Q?
As far as i know, Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t support upscaling or am i wrong?

How are you fellow developers dealing with 4K? Do you think it was worth it?
Will Titan X handle dual 4K Monitor?(Since Unreal Engine 4 doesn’t support SLI.)


I can scale.:smiley: But is Dual 4K worth it?

Personally I would just get a regular moniter. 4k is amazing looking, but man is it expensive. I would put the money into the ‘I want my computer upgraded later’ account. Also I can run PAL programs on my moniter. But hey, No one is stopping you from getting it. :slight_smile:
Also I don’t know if the Editor supports upscaling. It might, but it might not. So there is my suggestion. I think it might be overkill. But I state again. No one is stopping you from getting it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, my man.
I’ll note that. :slight_smile:

Hope my little advice helpped you make a descision! :slight_smile:
(To be fair though, I wish I had a 4k Tv in my front room. :slight_smile: )

I personally would go with 1440p on a monitor instead of 4k. I’m not sure you would get as much out of it with it being such a small monitor compared to how big 4k TVs normally are. 1440p would be much more manageable to run as well.

Thanks mate, i’m going with 1440p. :wink:

I’ll be getting this one in a few months myself.

For what, gaming? What kind of GPU you rockin? For working? Hell yeah!

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If you’re responding to the OP, he has a Titan X

If you’re responding to me, I have SLI 780 GTXs at home. It’ll be mainly for gaming.

I have 2 of those myself, it’s a lot of screen real estate


I have one of these on my desk:

It’s huge. I call it “The Eye-Bleeder”

Thanks for uploading picture of your monitor, it’s helpful for me to decide. :wink:

Hey! This is the monitor i bought a few months back. I love it. :smiley:

I use two 23" monitors on my game dev machine … best buy I ever made. 1920x1080 resolution … before that it was a mission to use Unreal Editor effectively … now … pure joy. 8-}

I just want that fortnite mousepad

Word … 8-}

I just spoke with Alex about the 4k monitor he posted. It is very large and very pretty but the refresh rate is very low. For work, it’d be very useful but for gaming it’d be lackluster. There’s a reason it’s so cheap haha.

A 24" 4k doesn’t seem worth it, get a 28" like the Samsung UD590 or get a 27" 1440p. I will never go back to anything lower than 27" and definitely never back to 1080p

thanks mate, i should stick with 1440 :cool:

i don’t have enough space for 27. :rolleyes: :o