Should I Download Visual Studio onto an HDD or SSD?

I got a new PC so i could do development on the go and i am not sure if i should install visual studio on the HDD or the SSD. The laptop has a 255 GB SSD and a 1 Tb HDD.
Sorry for bad english.

I would suggest you install Visual Studio 2017 on SSD (takes from 600MB to 83GB full, but you don’t need to install every component). However for your projects you may need to use the HDD.

Gotta agree with this guy visual studio is memory hungry and takes up a lot of resources an SSD will take some of the computing load off your CPU & RAM and you’ll have the entire program load up in seconds. When I was developing for android devices the SSD on my MacBook helped tremendously…I didn’t notice the difference until I switched to my toshiba laptop years later.