Should I download this? UE3 wayback machine

I want to download UE3 but this collection is all executables. I was just wondering if you guys think it could be a virus. its just so I can develop on a jailbroken xbox 360 (pretty sure you cant do that with UE4)

UDK is the version of UE3 that Epic made available for small developers to use. I don’t know the source you’re looking at, chances are it’s ok. But understand that UDK does not support any consoles, it only supports PC.
There is no public version of any version of Unreal Engine that supports consoles, you still have to get those versions from Epic.

^This^ isn’t the whole story. There was an unofficial xbox version of UDK circulating in the Community, based off a much older version of UDK (possibly 2011). Have no idea if that’s still available somewhere. But its possible. Especially if you track down and PM the right person. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: You could post this in the UDK section and ask… Can’t help much more. As 2011 was too old to backport too, so I never got to test-drive this. But others got it working. :wink:

I’d have to see some proof of that, since there wouldn’t have ever been a reason for Epic to release a version of the tools that supported Xbox. Unless you’re thinking of UWP support which is a different matter.

No dude. Emphasis very much on Unofficial and Community and nothing much whatsoever to do with Epic. The OP used the phrase jailbroken xbox which is why I even mentioned it. :stuck_out_tongue: