Should I crash report?

If I have no clue what caused the crash then is JUST the call stack still useful to you guys?

Also If I cant articulate what I was doing before the crash can I make a YT video and put the link in the description box?

Hi AlphaSierra216,

Every crash report that is submitted is monitored by someone on staff. Specific reports may not get individual attention but we look for trends in crashes and then address the underlining issue that is causing them. So yes, every crash report that is submitted helps us out.

If your not sure what caused the crash, try duplicating it in the project that you were working in. If you can reproduce it there, then try reproducing it in a new project. That way you can give us the best repro steps possible for us to follow in-house.

If you can’t reproduce it, then the submitted crash report may still help us in the long run.