Should i consider doing voice acting

So, i don’t want this to drone on too long so I’ll get to the point.

I have been wanting to expand my skills for sometime, mainly into making games and music, but i realise that these goals are not easy to get into, when i realised, i am an ok actor(i got quite an applause for my acting back when i went to school, alot of people urged me to take up acting as a career, but at the time i couldnt see how acting would help me earn some cash) and well i can impersonate a small handfull of voices(Morgan Freeman, is one many of my freinds say i am a master of, but i think they overestimate me) so i just wanna ask the community,

Should i take up Voice Acting as a possible career?

I would attach some lines but at the time of writing this i was tired, and it was very late at night, and i was on my iPod Touch 6th Generation.

Don’t really think this is the right place to ask. I would google for voice acting forums, such as /r/voiceacting on reddit

I would also suggest visiting if you make an account over there and upload some sample clips people can give feedback and let you know where you stand. It doesn’t matter if you are really good or not when you start doing this what matters is that you get feedback and improve on it until you are good. No one starts out all that amazing usually but if you have the potential and you keep at it there is no reason you wouldn’t be able to do voice work. Try heading over to newgrounds and check out any other voice acting places you can find and just put examples of what you can do out there.

You would at the very least need to move to where the studios are

Talent counts for a lot, so definitely link to some VO samples on YouTube / Vimeo.
Let game devs decide if you really have a unique sounding or captivating voice…
Acting / Voice-Over work is not a secure way to earn cash as most already know.
You should be able to do different accents / cover different genres of games too.