Should I change the axis now?

So, I am just being a fool and haven’t thought of the axis. I mean, I have. But I just rotated them in the Blueprints.
However, I guess it would be best if I just rotated them and the animations, now, and re-imported them.
That would be optimal right? Or is it not important? :slight_smile:

Sorry for asking such a simple and stupid question.

Hope you will help me out, regardless.

Thank you very much!

Hmm, I am back. I went and redid the rotation, all the bones and the skinning…yaaaay.
So, now my character is facing towards the X-axis, instead of the Y-axis.
I hope this will make it easier for me in the future but it’s so strange to me; I mean, of course, it is probably just something I have to get used to.
It’s just that, my character facing Right is odd. And the same goes for the orthographic view in Unreal Engine 4. “Front” is not the front of my character. That is also Right. xD

Am I doing this right, or am I making a grave mistake here?

Thank you very much!