Should I apply the changes of the modified material to the original?

I’m playing with the Quick Start Demo, and I’m part way through when I need to take a break. When trying to save and quit the engine, I get this pop-up …

Would you like to apply the changes of the modified material to the original material?
(Selecting ‘No’ will cause all changes to be lost!)

If I click yes, it sounds like the original material will be irrevocably changed. I’m guessing that is what I should do, since it’s asking me too. Yet, is that the correct thing to do?

Pic of the window

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What is the answer to this question??? Im getting it in UE4.27.
I searched and no answers. It’s scary because I dont understand what it is asking. Yet it popups up when Im closing the Engine, thus if I click no, idk what I am loosing.

And nothing should be asking me to Save on Engine close, if I already clicked Save all before I clicked close. Because it tricks me into thinking I didnt save everything that I checked.

I also have this question in UE5.2 because I’d just like to understand what it’s doing behind the scenes when I click yes to these.

I just ran into this as well- it turns out I just needed to hit “Apply” and then re-save each of my materials and then I was able to close without getting the popup.

I’m pretty sure I had already applied all my changes, but I suppose I must’ve made an adjustment somewhere and forgotten about it.

I imagine hitting Yes on the pop up would just apply and save for you, but it felt safer to do it manually so I knew nothing weird would happen to my materials.