Shoting in 4 directions

Hello guys.

I apologize in advance for all mistakes I’ll do here. I’ll try to be the most understandable.

So. I’m a new user of the incredibly powerful tool that is Unreal Engine 4. I’m not a programmer, so I am using the blueprints.

I follow lots and lots of tutorial, BUT… After some research, on the web, on youtube, on everywhere possible, I can’t found what I’m expecting for…

I am using the TopDown Example Map and I have succed to move the character with WQSD. But now, I’m trying to make the character shooting… With Up, down, right and left. (Kinda like Binding of Isaac, see ?) But… All I can doing is shooting when I press Up.

And here it is. I’ve tried lots and lots of things, but with my low knowledges, I’m not able to do this (probably) simple thing.

If you can help me, I would be extremely graceful.

Many thanks per advance. And good luck with your projects and all the tips you deliver here.

Here is a quick solution , if you want shoot with mouse look at my Top/Down Fps Template

Wow. many thanks for the quick answer !

Edit : Nevermind, I’m retarded.

Thanks to you for your help.