Shotgun Presentation

When my friend Alvaro Zacarias was sharing with my Discord Community his latest weapon prop.

I got instantly blown away by the presentation and the design aesthetics with huge bold letters and a sick overlay of details like that bar code and the gun status.

I took the past three days off due to a personal issue and was looking to get my head away a bit and focusing on something positive. So I kindly asked if he wouldn’t mind if I take his still frame all the way to a full animated sequence.

This is the result of that. I went ahead and deconstructed his background from still images and text to a 3D text inside Unreal Engine as an overlay.
Went ahead and included some sound effects and music from the Envato Envato Elements sound library and animated the shotgun cocking and shooting with some cool Niagara FXs from a client of mine.

It’s still a Work in Progress but I wanted to share with you guys. Would be cool to taking this further and doing similar animations for other guns.

Everyday I’m more in love with unrea lengine ! Just wait to see the environment I’m building in UE5, it’s bonkers awesome <3

For more of my work please access my website:

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