Shortcut problem: even deleted, Open Documentation (keybinding: F1) still works


Despite being deleted from Keyboard Shortcuts > System-wide, the keybinding F1 keeps opening the online Documentation.

I’d like to delete the F1 shortcut for Open Documentation for good so it doesn’t interrupt my workflow by opening my web browser.
And also, I’d like to give the F1 shortcut to another functionnality, but it keeps being overridden by Open Documentation…

I had the impression I didn’t have that problem with UE 5.0 Early Access. Now I’m on UE 5.0.3.

Is this a bug?

Hey @Ryxx0!

There are two documentation shortcuts that you need to remove. The other is located in Keyboard Shortcuts → Level Editor → Level Editor Documentation.

I hope the above solution is what you need!

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Hey @Quetzalcodename,
Didn’t see there were 2 of them. That solved it indeed. Thanks a lot!