Shortcut for toggling Context Sensitive in Blueprint Editor

Tried searching for this, but couldn’t find anything.

While working with blueprints I tend to toggle the Context Sensitive checkbox a lot, and I’m slightly miffed that you can only do it with the mouse. A keyboard shortcut for it would be lovely.

Any progress on this?

I was just feeling the same way. I figured someone else had to have already posted. Did you find a hot key for this? (has one been added in the last few months?)

Just curious, what version are you guys running? For 4.6, we rebuilt the menuing system’s backend. All because we were finding that the “contextualness” wasn’t 100% working (some vital options were left out, and other extraneous options being left in).

Ideally you should rarely have to uncheck the context sensitive box. Most of the options you need should be presented to you. Do you have some specific examples of when you need to uncheck that box?

I know for sure Get Actor Location/Rotation etc in 4.5.1 are not shown in the list with Context Sensitive turned on, but so far no issues with 4.6 preview. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the fast reply! I’ve been using 4.5. That’s great news about 4.6. Since you re-wrote the menu backend I will download 4.6 today. I’ll let you know if/when I need to toggle the context sensitive button.

Yeah let us know! We’re curious to know what cases we’ve missed (so we can add them), and if it doesn’t make sense to add, we still want to know how to improve workflow (like the hot-key idea). Thanks!