Shortcut for moving dragging objects with more precision?

Is there keyboard shortcut for dragging objects with more precision in the viewport (e.g. something like shift + drag)? Have been searching the docs but haven’t found anything.

Obviously you have snap to grid. Do you want to be even more accurate than that?

When trying to make very small changes to actor’s locations, they simply overshoot the desired location, despite grid snapping. Is there any way around that besides having to zoom in and out all the time or adjusting the mouse sensitivity?
The great majority of programs do have some shortcut for altering values with precision, but haven’t found one in Unreal so far.

There isn’t one that I know of…

I ended up downloading the Unreal Source Code from Github and programming it myself. . .
It’s not very neat, but it works and it makes my life a lot easier :sweat_smile:

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A must have.

Holy ■■■■. That was badass kkkkkk