Short Tutorial/Advice - Need Help on porting to Xbox One - Savegame Accountpicker Controller Pairing

Project Title:
Beyond Enemy Lines 2 Console Edition (Singleplayer Only)

Team Name:
Polygon Art

Previous Work:
Beyond Enemy Lines 1 (PC / Nintendo Switch)

Talent Required:
Experienced Xbox One Developer

  • Experience with Xbox One Cert with UE4
  • Knowledge of how to handle Account Picker, Savegame(slots) and Controller pairing

I have a mostly fully working game on Xbox One with just one issue I can’t resolve. I have Achievements, Rich Presence, Controller Pairing and Login working. Also the Savegames work (it’s saved and loaded for the right account) but it breakes the suspend mode. As soon as I load or save anything (Savesystem is very barebone Blueprint default) the game crashes on try to suspend.

The game is Blueprint only and I isolated the core of this into a seperate FPS Template project. There is no side code or gameplay mechanics to worry about. Only the few nodes for Login, Pairing and Saving. I would need someone with experience to show me how to handle it propperly in UE 4.24.3. I imagine this is duable in under 1h, every events are exposed to Blueprint.

Contact me in this thread, via PM or E-Mail and tell me the pricing point.

Thank you!


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