Short Survival Experience Project - Looking for Game Programmer

Project Title: Frozen Lake

Description: Player begins the game at a campfire aside a Frozen Lake in the middle a frozen forest plain. The fire begins to fade and the player is tasked with finding firewood out on the lake. As the player explores something begins to move under the ice… This lurking beast searches for the player and begins chasing them from under the ice. If the player doesn’t get to dry land in time, the beast bursts through the ice killing them and ending the game. The idea is to collect all pieces of firewood from the Lake and fully rekindle the fire without being caught by the Lurker. A large smoke signal created by the kindling of the fire acts as an SOS for the player, signalling the evacuation of the player to safety, and the completion of the experience.


  • Tense Atmosphere
  • Foggy Day and Night Cycle
  • First Person View Point

Talent required:
Programmer able to create the following:

  • Navmesh and behavioural trees where by the beast will roam around and when in a detectable range, follow the player
  • Create a simple health and stamina system
  • Ability to sprint
  • Interactions: Picking up firewood and interacting with campfire

I have lots more detailed information about the project and think this could be a very successful short experience granted it receives the same love I have for it!

Please get in touch @ to get more information.

Feel free to add me on Facebook: Declan Bell (Picture of Blue Face, United Kingdom)

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing from you.