[Short Movie] Alentejo Full Raytracing

I made this short movie scene to test UE4 all in Raytracing (Lights, Reflections, Foilage) and rendering using RTX 3090.


Looks great! Not used to see Alentejo with such grey skies :slight_smile: but the loving those cork trees! The only odd thing is the round straw bails in the middle of wheat (should not be there unless left out from the previous year). Great job!


Really gorgeous work! This makes me realize I have more to learn when it comes to using foliage in a ray traced scene, because I’m not getting nearly the quality of results I’m seeing here. Thanks for sharing.

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Very cool to see, and well-deserving of being shown in the community spotlight. I’m just starting my unreal journey but cool to see what’s possible even just in UE4.

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