Short Film - TRAPPIST-1e


Link to my new short film - TRAPPIST-1e. - YouTube

Wow, this is cool. What about doing a “Making of” for this?

Look cool, maybe a bit more dynamic camera movement and your clouds are moving real fast at some point. Also in dutch Trappist is a craft beer so I was a bit dissapointed :wink:

Thanks for the feedback. I will make a making of if I get some time, some time. The clouds are meant to be moving really fast as its an alien planet with a really dynamic, fast weather system. Next time I will add some beers, lol.

Nice work :smiley:

Really like the mood and atmosphere. It sound like Blade Runner?

The landscape geometry and sci-fi assets are looking really nice.

I too think the cloud are moving to fast in the scene even if they look awesome. It would fit more if the scene was more dynamic. This mean ships are more balancing, trees moving more and windy sounds in the background, then fast clouds would be logical.

In all, great work!

This was awesome, I enjoyed it quite a bit. I didn’t mind the clouds moving fast at all but the last shot had too much lens flare. It got in the way of the ship.

Beautiful work Graeme!

Nice one, thanks for all the feedback, it’s always great to hear other peoples point of view. Much appreciated.