[Short Film] Real Fusion Device Wendelstein 7-X


After a lot of work, I’m quite proud to share my Video with you:
Real Fusion Device Clip

It’s my first big Unreal Project, and it’s meant to be a reference for my just founded business:
I did an interactive App for industrial Fairs and public Relations as well:
Interactive App for industral Fairs

The Idea of my Business is to do both Animations and Interactive Projects in the Unreal Engine. The benefit for the Customer is superb Quality and the assets only need to be once for Film and Interaction projects!

Unreal Engine rocks and I can’t wait to get your Feedback!

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Whoa!! This is so well done, very interesting too :smiley:

I had the impression of watching a documentary of something very hi tech and unusual :slight_smile:

Awesome presentation!

Thanks for your Feedback - it was really fun to do this peace and I learned a lot

Hey Ultrodon,

This was an absolute joy to watch. Really well done and every asset and text used was sleek and clean. I’m completely in awe of the amount of detail and dedication this project must have demanded and how phenomenal the ending result is. Thank you so much for sharing it here on the forums and I truly hope to see more of your work floating around to geek out about.

Cheers and good luck on future projects! :sunglasses: