Short Film - Pipi & Qiqi: Mooncake wars

  This 3D short film is a demo of "Pippi and Qiqi: Mooncake Battle". "Engineer" Pippi and Qiqi from "Dragon Park" are good friends. Whenever the festive season comes, they will take a dragon boat to visit Grandpa Long in the Longyuan Valley. They will experience various difficulties and obstacles there, but eventually overcome the difficulties and successfully complete the task. Every story uses the educational concept of young STEAM as the core of its creation, encourages everyone to have a strong interest in technology and engineering, leads them to understand the working principles and composition of common things, and explore the beautiful world around them. The film takes traditional Chinese objects and festivals as the background, hoping to show the culture and wisdom with oriental characteristics.

 I am an animator from China.This movie Demo is purely original, all the production process(modeling, rigging,animation, rendering, editing) is completed by me alone. I used UE4 for blueprint production, lighting rendering production, and sequence output. Compared with the production process of traditional 3D animation films, this shortens the production time and obtains a high production efficiency.    
I know that there are many shortcomings in the film, such as the character's action and material, and I will continue to improve.
I learned a lot in the process of creation, and I hope I can continue to finish this short film. Thank you for your support,and thank you for watching!

Great! Good job!

Comments and suggestions are welcome!:smiley:

Hey hefeihong,

This is absolutely adorable. Everything from the character design to the phenomenal voice acting. So spectacularly done.

Sorry if I’m reviving an older post but I’m so impressed! :slight_smile: Hope to see more of your work.