[SHORT FILM] - My first animated short FILM : "INMUNDUS"

Hi guys! I would like to share my first project in UE4. Project “Inmundus” is an animated short film with elements of bluescreen footage adjusted in Composite brush.

---------------------> Inmundus - Short film | UE4 - YouTube <---------------------- FULL VIDEO

I have been working alone on this project and thanks to things like Quixel’s Megascans, Unreal Engine Marketplace free assets and few other free models, I saved a lot of time and could focus my work towards storytelling, key models, animations/sequencer, lighting, camera work and mostly the entire cinematic approach. This project is my final student work.

→ I would love to hear some feedback so that I can improve myself for upcoming projects! ←

My ArtStation : https://www.artstation.com/reddd

So much to like, most was very well done.