Short Film: Halloween Horror Graveyard Show

**Happy Halloween everyone! **

To celebrate the creepy season, my colleague René Bulla and I created a small fun movie.

**Short Film: ****Halloween Horror Graveyard Show **Halloween Horror Graveyard Show - YouTube

This movie was originally planned as just a simple showcase video for our two newest Marketplace Asset Sets. While working on it, the idea escalated a bit :rolleyes:

Enjoy the show and tell us what you think about it!
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Nikolai Haidl & René Bulla, The Pocket Dimension

Amazing Dudes, well done!!!

Cool video !

Wow! Love it!

Yeah, pretty nice ! :smiley:

Can’t believe you’ve done this

Thank you all for the kind words. New reactions to the video make us happy every time :rolleyes:

Nice work! =)