[SHORT FILM] Fan-Made Star Wars Short-Film/Animation made with UE4 Sequencer

Hey guys,
So I thought I’ll share with you what I’ve made during the summer holidays.
I didn’t want to waste time on rendering something for a month with V-Ray or Arnold and so I thought I’ll start using UE4 for animations/rendering.
Any feedback will be highly appreciated (Especially on animations, cinematography and editing, as I’m an animation student, who’s hobby is filmmaking and cinematography) :slight_smile:

And if anyone knows where I can find an anamorphic kernel for Bloom Convolution, I’ll worship you forever :smiley:

P.S. I found these Star Wars models on some forum thread and apparently they are from EA Dice Battlefront. I’m not really sure how illegal it is to use them. Hopefully they fall under fair-use if I’m a student who used them in a non-profit animation? :smiley: