[Short] Animation comedy sketch fully in UE4

Hi everyone!!

This is my first time posting my personal project, I’m been trying to figure out how to create an animation using UE4. As someone with zero experience with UE4 when I first started, there was a lot of time spent just experimenting and troubleshooting. Thanks to the forum and the documentation I was able to solve most of my problems. However, the real-time render in UE4 is so powerful, unlike the offline render that I need to wait 5mins or longer just for a simple tweak, as I’m making everything on my own having it in real-time is just magical to me. :smiley:

Let me know what you think and I hope you enjoy it. Oh, it’s a sketch comedy inspired by Simon’s cat.


Top, funny and very well done.

Thanks, glad you like it :slight_smile: