Short Action Hero

Just started yesterday, so not much to show off yet.
short Action Hero is a text input based “adventure” game.
The goal of the game are simple tasks - with different solutions.
Level 1? Drink your morning coffee to complete the level!
But there are so much funny things to do… should you?
What happens if you pick up that knife… and slash it into the toaster…?
Theres a window? Maybe jump out of it.

It looks interesting, but how players can guess what is the name of some door or some object to type text ? I would rather put several text options available and action text commands and let the player try to combine them clicking on them like some old adventure games.

There will be different help commands, like “lookaround”. And i plan a point & click mode, so all text actions / objects will be clickable like in a point & click adventure. :slight_smile:

Inventory is done, you can pickup, use, combine, or use the objects with different objects. (Pickup Cup, Place Cup in Coffeemachine, …).
Also i’m working on the object actions right now.

Animations are placeholders / wip.

****, I am really liking this a lot!

I was afraid the art style would be too jittery, but it works really well!

This interface has some really great potential to approach more mature subjects in a domestic setting. I’ll be keeping an eye on this!