Shopping cart wheel behaviour simulation with physx?

I want to create wheels that can rotate free around their Z axis on a mount and the wheel itself to rotate around the Y axis. I have created this behaviour with a skeletal mesh with activated physics and constraints on some axis and bones with some blueprint code for movement. My problem is that the collision mesh for the wheels is not completely round, so there’s weird behaviour when going fast. My question is, is it possible to simulate this kind of behaviour with Physx wheels like they are used in a WheeledVehicle in the engine, with the addition to rotate around the z axis physically accurate? Or should it just create a collision mesh for the wheels that has a much higher amount of polygons to fix this issue?

Using sphere as collision mesh may avoid the problem.

also tried it with sphere collision and that worked fine, but the problem is the collision of the wheel is now bigger than it should be on the sides and as a perfectionist i can’t accept this.
i haven’t worked on this for months though