Shopping Alley

In this project, I was focusing on procedural content with random variation using UE5 Blueprint.
i used Blender for modeling, SubstancePainter for texturing and I also used Quixel Megascan surfaces.


Hello again, @Hossein530 ! :wave:t4:

Thank you for sharing your Shopping Alley with us! This project is as structured as your horse stable alley. Is this for a class? If so, what are you studying? If not, I really like how you challenge yourself by deciding on a development aspect to focus on, and then creating a project out of that challenge.

I followed the link to your ArtStation, and it amazed me that you’ve combined so few assets in such a way to create a complete alley. Color me impressed!

What inspired you to become a 3D Environment Artist?

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Hello and thank you, No not for a class.
I LOVE games and i was so interested how games were made, and about 6 years ago started to learn. I really enjoy creating 3d environment and lights and moods.

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