Shop Screen design.

Hey all!

I’m developing a stealth game based on a prison. The player will be able to buy some items from another prisoner.
Today I was developing the Shop Screen, however I can’t decide the best one.
Here are two prototype examples. For me the first one is the simplest and straight to the point.


Which one you choose? Should I look to more references?

Although the first one is clearer, it doesn’t give any clue as to what the item does, or what benefits it provides. You need to provide those details to the player, don’t you? In that case, the second one is the only option, but even then, it is clunky, letting the player view only one item at a time.

I think you need to work on it more, to get the benefits of both approaches into one method.

Why not use both … clicking on the item will bring up the more descriptive one … or hovering over it (depending on your requirements) … that way you have the summary view in the first one coupled with the more detailed view of the second one. 8-}

I personally would choose the 2nd one, as it has an item description :slight_smile:

You definitely need both

Hard to decide :\ Question, which font is it that you are using?

Thanks for tthe feedback!

Actually, I’ll choose for the first one. I want something simple and straight to the point, while in “Buying Mode”.
However, the player will be able to access a Diary (similar to Commandos 2), which contains item’s desc/info :slight_smile:

Traveling Typewriter :slight_smile: