Shootrage - modern 2.5D shooter

Hi guys!

I’m team lead from Digility - informal indie team. I have the pleasure to present our first public project: Shootrage :smiley:

Shootrage is heir to oldschool first person shooters from 90’s. Purpose of this game is combining past and present: oldschool feeling combined with unique visual design. Game offers 2.5D graphics (enemies, power ups and barrels looking like sprites) combined with present day technologies as normal mapping.

Story and world
Action in game happens in future. Space pirates robber you and kidnapped your girlfriend. Your objective is rescue her and kick some butts. Game is divided into three episodes, each in different location. You visit places like cargo base (available in prototype), laboratories or pirates mothership.

Enemies and weapons
Shootrage offer various types of enemies: humans, robots, mutants and androids. Each of them has different specifics. You may kill them by classic arsenal: chainsaw, shotgun, pulse gun rocket rifle etc.

Game mechanics offer same eperience like most oldshcool shooters: fast moving, explosive barrels, interactions with buttons, avoiding traps like lava or lasers, break off limbs (not yet available) and collecting points.

Currently game is in alpha stadium (glitches and lot of placeholders from UDK content).

We just release prototype demo. If You want to play visit our website:
Please give us support - write Your opinions about game.

Sorry for my english ;] Cheeers!

PS. Just take a look:

Hi! Little update: we fighting for Greenlight!

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These thing are getting popular again.Love the quake style.Mutlyplayer is what will boost the sales of this thing.I hope you can manage it.Probably add a jump feature?Its a fast game,jump + only horizont mouse look coud be fun.

WOW Man, what a great project!!! It simply looks amazing. It automatically remembered me of Duke Nukem 3D (die your mother f***ckers), one of the greatest masterpieces on FPS Games, especially now because I am playing and enjoying Duke Nukem 3D Megaton Edition on my PS Vita.

I loved your graphics style, is something like old that looks fresh and new. I loved also the blood :smiley:

Good luck!!!

@O_and_N: @udkultimate: Thanks guys! :slight_smile: We hope to finish game with single- and multiplayer (cooperative and competitive) :slight_smile:

People making interesting things:

Just take a look :slight_smile: Cheers!

That works for me. Enemy variety; weapon variety and exploding stuff :slight_smile:
Loved the wall and general environment textures.


New gameplay vid:


I’m more of a Dev but thanks :slight_smile:

GL with Steam GreenLight!